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A family comic theatre and circus show about the value of failure

“I genuinely laughed until I cried.
A win all round!
- EdFringe Audience Review, Aug '23

Fail Fail Fail Fail Win Show

A family comic theatre and circus show. For humans.

Mark and Loz are circus performers. But circus is REALLY hard.


FailFailFailFailWin! is a show about not hiding all the "try"s you did that didn't work.

Uplifting, nurturing and agelessly relevant. Join the adventure and explore what happens inside Loz's brain when she does a big FAIL.

Meet a cast of puppet friends: professor Steven Chimpington - scientist, raconteur, critic; and Colin the Crab, anarchist, physical theatre practitioner (LeCoq trained), oh and of course Sven Svenstoferson, Swedish Astronaut and CBT coach.

Featuring such fails and possibly wins in the mediums of diabolo, juggling, hulahoop, and an attempt to spin 8 real VERDAGEN ikea plates, retail value £2 each. Total economic jeopardy = £16. Plus shipping.

Age guide: great for 3-10 year olds. Unsuitable for 15 year olds. And we're strict on that. 



- 6 year old we assume was called Barney, or possibly Jake.

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Photo Credits: Sandy McClure

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A family comic theatre and circus show reframing failure as positive on a journey of learning.

FailFailFailFailWin is the latest show from experienced children's entertainers Marky Jay and Loz Because.

With circus director Paddy Waters.


 A 60 min comedy and circus show aimed at 4-11 year olds and their grown-ups.

What is in the show?

Using circus to illustrate the theme in a physical and visual way; the show includes juggling, hulahooping, china plate spinning, diabolo, puppetry, a Mexican wrestler, and many interactive and improvised elements - inviting the audience to feel present and participatory.

What is the show history?

Creation and R&D 2021

WIP at Machynlleth Comedy Festival in May 2022

Rural venue performances in Somerset Oct 2022

South Wales Comedy Festival Apr 2023

Edinburgh Fringe Assembly Festival Aug 2023

Swindon Circus Festival May 2024

Info for bookers:
Production Pack downloadable here
Guideline pricing: approx £1000

Detailed tech specs are available on request, here is a rough guideline:

Stage space: ideal 6 x 8m, 3m height clearance, min 6 x 4m.

The show is a 2-hander

Shorter outdoor version of the show also available.


Circus workshops can be booked alongside shows.

See our circus workshops site for more details:

Click here to email us!

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Call a human (Loz): 07807 429 287

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